Saturday, April 11, 2009

More drilling rig pictures

The well is down about 60' so far. I drove out there this morning with my neighbor Bill to take another look at the drilling rig. This time I made sure the camera battery was charged. Here's the rig setup:

A side view of the rig:

Some of the "cuttings" from the bottom of the hole:

Pile of extra well casings; some have drill bit extensions (the ones with threads) pre-staged within them:

If I have time this next week at work, I'll try to get out there while actual drilling is happening, so I can record the process on camera.

Another important criteria for the project was met this week: we recieved the septic plan approval from the county...only took three months (almost to the day). Once we find water with this well, then we should be able to get our permits and get the house construction started.

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