Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cleanup done

Over the weekend the last coats of floor sealer were done, and the cleanup crew finished doing the final cleanup. The cleanup guys did a nice job: all decals removed from windows, windows washed inside and out, walls and floors vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned, cabinets vacuumed, etc. The house feels just about ready to move in, and in fact we are planning to rent a truck to start hauling boxes the day after Christmas.

This is a picture of my foot (in a comfy SmartWool sock - highly recommended by yours truly) which is pretty cool by itself, but the closeup also gives you a nice closeup look of the stair risers:

Here's a nice view through the dining room toward my office:

Looking into my office:

Living room and some of the kitchen:

In the above picture, you can see we took our shoes off in the kitchen since the wood floors are just so nice. I hope we can make that a habit, but you know how this stuff goes...

One funny note: it is a long drive from our current house to the new house, and I've gotten in the habit of using the porta-potty upon arrival. Went to go do that today and did a double-take - no porta-potty! Guess we'll have to use the inside toilets (or find a convienent tree) from here on out! :-)

As I mentioned before, Paul and his crew will be doing punch-list items through Tuesday, and we plan to start hauling stuff over next Saturday. We're not quite able to move in yet though; one key item is that the master bath doesn't have shower walls yet! I hope that gets done before Christmas though, so that the week afterward we have the house to ourselves.

We have started packing up our old house though, and I can tell it's going to be a big job. In my old office, I have already filled over 30 small (1.5 ft^3) boxes, and I'm only about 3/4 done. Not to mention how much boat stuff I need to move, along with the floats and boat hull itself!

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