Sunday, January 24, 2010

Demolition commences

Grrrr.... I was in the attic today, getting ready to cleanup the satellite dish wiring (everything was hooked up fine, but wasn't quite as "neat" looking as I'd like it), when I stepped on what looked like a randomly placed, leftover piece of batt insulation on the attic plywood decking. For some reason, a contractor had cut out a 2'x3' piece of the decking (it was laying in a dark corner, but for some reason I either didn't notice it or didn't put the dots together). I was fortunate enough to not fall through to the room below, but I did smash up the ceiling drywall pretty good:

Sigh - just what I needed.

I cannot tell why a contractor had to remove that section of the decking - the most likely candidate is the sprinker system guy, but for what?? A leak during final testing? Well, probably too late to figure it out; at this point it's best to just get it fixed. My son and I put in some bracing from above and replaced the deck piece, along with temporary screws into the drywall from below, to help hold up the insulation. I'll have to find a drywall contractor this week to come out and fix this.

1 comment:

  1. OH my god !!
    Well at least you did not get hurt.
    Take care and watch that first step it's a real loulou !