Monday, March 30, 2009

Driveway gravel progress

Couldn't resist a drive out to the property after work, for a peek at how much progress had been made on the gravel. Wow what a difference a day makes.

The driveway entrance is nice and level:

Hey look, it's a driveway:

Here's the two stumps again, with me standing next to them for scale:

They didn't get all finished today; here you can see the fine layer on top here in the foreground, with the rough base layer in the background:

This is the tail end of the current driveway; this is actually going north, and the well site will be on the far end of the road fabric:

There are several large piles of debris that will need to be disposed of later. I'll just have the kids chop these up some weekend...yeah that'll work... :

In other news, we received a proposed/pre-approved drainage plan from the county on Saturday. Our contractor stopped by to look it over and said it looked good. We went and got it notarized this evening and I will go into Seattle tomorrow to have it recorded at the county courthouse.

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