Saturday, March 28, 2009

A new project begins...

We're starting a new adventure, and here's a new blog to go with it. My wife and I are building a new home - an adventure indeed! No, we are not planning to pick up any hammers or saws - we have hired a general contractor who will be handling all of those details. The planning process has proved to be quite intense and time-consuming, even without participating in or managing the actual construction process. None of these comments will come as a surprise to anyone who's built a home before, I'm sure.

Our property is a relatively large (20 acres), rural wooded lot located in the Tolt River Highlands (TRH) area in King County, Washington State. TRH is located roughly to the northeast of Carnation, WA, and south of Lake Joy. The Tolt River lies to the south. We bought the property over ten years ago directly from Weyerhaeuser; previously the area had been managed as a Douglas Fir plantation, but has since been all sold off to private home owners. Buying the land initially consumed all of our available finances, so at first we couldn't do anything with it; later on when it became more feasible, we still decided to wait rather than move our children while they were in junior high and high school. Our son is graduating this year from Bothell High School, and so now we're building finally. Once the home is built and we've moved in, we don't ever plan to move again (famous last words, I know, but still - that's the plan!).

Finally, for those of you that found this site from my Farrier F22 building project, Jay's F22, hello and welcome. Hopefully you may now understand some of the reasons for my slow progress on the F22 this past six months...but in case you're wondering, no I have definitely NOT given up on boatbuilding; quite the contrary actually. Our new property obviously has a lot of available space, and someday I would like to build a big enough shop or barn so that I can entertain thoughts of building a larger boat.* Maybe an F44...this just wouldn't have been possible in my old backyard in the Bothell house! (And you know, I've got that "Jay's F44" blog url reserved just in case, it would be such a shame to let it go to waste... :-)

(* Yeah, I know I could build any size of a boat under a greenhouse tarp tent.....but that makes for a miserable building experience, guess I'm just not motivated enough for that)

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