Friday, June 19, 2009

Footings poured

The foundation crew has been onsite this week making progress. This is looking from the side-entrance, you can see how far down in the far corner they had to go to get to bearing soil:

Same day, looking from the northeast corner (garage):

A day later, with more progress made:

This morning the footings were poured; I wasn't able to be on-site to take any photos, let's hope I can make it out there when the foundation walls get poured. Here's the garage area:

That low spot at the southwest corner will be getting a really tall foundation wall:

Paul suggested, and I agreed, to putting a small access hole in the tall crawlspace area, which will make it possible to use that portion of the crawl space for storage, and will also make it possible for subcontractors to get long or large material (eg, pipes, etc) into the crawlspace. There will be an access hole from within the house but that can be hard to get stuff through.

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