Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Foundation hole dug

Drove out to the site after work; the foundation hole is now pretty much done and the foundation crew will be setting up forms pretty soon. This was our first real chance to get a feel for the scale of the house - now it feels pretty roomy!

Here's a short video I took of the hole, standing on top of Brad's excavator; when the video starts, I'm looking roughly south-south-west. The smaller area as I pan right is the garage:

I was impressed with the care they took in leveling the hole and keeping things straight. Maybe this is all completely normal, but it looks great to me. The southwest corner is the low spot and will require some minor extra funds since the bid assumed that we had a nearly level building site. Most of the foundation walls will be the spec'd out 2' high though.

For scale, here I am in the middle of (roughly) the living room:

The foundation crew had already dropped off their form stuff:

I'll try to get out there later this week for some pics of the forms when they're setup.

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