Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend details

We visited the house this morning, not much has changed but I'll post anyway just so I'm caught up. The rough-framing for the master bathroom tub is in place:

The toilet area\enclosure is to the right of the tub, and the shower is to the left. Despite this being a healthy-sized bathroom, there wasn't much room left for the tub and it will be dropped in with little room to spare.

I ventured briefly into the crawlspace, which is busier than it used to be:

A small hole has been dug next to the house foundation, for drilling a through-hole for the drain to the septic tank. Speaking of which, our septic field permit should be released by the county very, very soon, and Brad the excavator will start clearing the septic field area and digging it out.

Not surprisingly, the garage has turned into a staging area for materials as well a nice spot for cutting materials. It's a bit messy right now:

You can see that the "mechanical corner" has been drywalled in, mainly because the plumber will be hooking up the big water tanks soon, which makes them immovable. I was out on Saturday right before they did the drywall; this is how the water supply line from the well is routed (this is a cell phone pic):

The water heater requires a lot of plumbing (it comes down out of the ceiling, directly above the water heater location in the garage):

The only other item of importance, is that we've decided to have tile flooring throughout the kitchen area, instead of the hardwood flooring we originally planned on. Hardwood (oak) flooring is beautiful, but the fear of messing it up with dropped food, grease spatter from fry pans, etc, scares us both - so we're taking the safer route with tile. A bit harder on the feet, but at least it will be warm!

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