Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Exterior porch slabs poured

The concrete flatwork guys (Brian from Concrete Reality) were back out today pouring the exterior concrete areas. We have the front porch, rear porch, side-garage patio, and the slab for the chiller and generator. Paul had previously prepared the rebar reinforcements, like so:

It's hard to see in the above picture, but all of the rebar that touches\connects to the foundation wall, has been inserted into pre-drilled holes in the foundation. This helps to "lock" the porch slab to the foundation and prevent settling - a nice touch, I would not have thought of that.

A pumper truck was on-site in the morning to place concrete underneath the rear porch roof, but I wasn't around for that; everything else was poured directly from the chute on the truck:

The small slab to the right in the above picture will be where the chiller and generator sit.

Here's the side door porch:

Looking at this now, I kinda wish we had moved the door more to the center of the opening, or perhaps even more toward the right. It is an outward opening door and it looks like it will be a bit awkward to stand in front of the door and open it at the same time. Ah well, if this is the worst mistake we find I won't kick myself too hard. :)

The front porch looks simply awesome:

And finally, the rear porch:

This next picture is of our nearly-completed electric panels:

I know it's not porch or concrete related, but it just looks so darn cool I couldn't resist . At my last count, we have something like ~55 circuits in this house...


  1. looking good Jay. Is there going to be a staircase or deck to that second story door on the garage? Also, how soon untill the exterior painting gets started?

  2. Thanks.

    Yes, there will be a U-shaped staircase leading up to a small landing in front of the second-story door on the garage. This will make it very easy to access that storage space! :-)

    Exterior painting started on Wednesday afternoon and is going very quickly. I will have a new post up tonight with pictures.