Wednesday, April 6, 2011

After one year (or so...)

So we've been living here in our new house for a little over a year. I wanted to comment on what's working well and what's not, now that we've had some time to settle in.

Overall our experience with the house has been wonderful. Everything is nice and shiny new, the appliances and mechanicals generally all work well, and there's no roof leaks (which was an issue with my old house - that improvement alone was a nice incentive to move), and there's lots more space.

My commute time has on average gotten worse by about five minutes. That seems bad, but the quality of the commute is so much better that I don't even notice. Nowadays, I spend ~7-8 minutes driving through the woods before I even hit blacktop. And I don't have to spend any time on I405 (a very, very busy/jammed North-South Seattle freeway for those not familiar with the area)! Yay!

Adjustment to rural life has been actually not too bad. Most shops are a bit far away, so there is always a moment of "do I really need that" before deciding to go out. We like the local pizza place and the mexican place down in Carnation. Carnation is a small town, but is now scheduled to get its first traffic light - we're moving up in the world! :)

Living life near rivers has turned out to be fun - every time we get several days of rain, I become keenly attuned to the flood state of the local Tolt and Snoqualmie rivers. So far it has not been too bad - I have about four or five ways to get home from work, and so far only three of them have been closed at a given time. If it got really bad, I'd just stay home from work.

Here's a picture of the house last November, looking from the driveway, when we got our first real snow:

Anyway - I plan to follow up with a few more posts about our experiences, plus some "what I'd do differently" type stuff.

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