Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting close to point of no return

The appraisal came in ok - not as high as we would have liked, but good enough to get the loan without having to cut back on anything. The loan package should be at the underwriter by Tuesday. If all goes well (we're told by the bank that it should), then we might be signing closing papers as early as Friday 5/29. Gulp - it's almost gut-check time...signing big loan papers is always fun. :)

I forgot to mention that I submitted the initial application to Puget Sound Energy (the electric company) for our power last week. This one's gonna bite: we need to bring power from the eastern road all the way up the driveway (a minimum run of about 300'). With that distance, we won't have a choice but to have an extra transformer located near the house (to step up the voltage or something after line loss? Not sure - I'm not an electrician). The application form asked you how many amps you wanted: 200, 320, 400, or "Other"(fill in a number). I'm not planning to grow pot or anything else that would require massive amounts of power, but I do plan to have a detached shop, and we are going with electric heat (natural gas is not available). The "Other" option sounded expensive, so I checked the box next to 400 amps. Long story short, this produced lots of dire warnings from PSE about the costs of such a high level of service. Also, I talked to several folks who know more than I about electricity, and they were all consistent in saying that 320 amps should be plenty even for a house+shop (even if you have large equipment in your shop, you never run more than one tool at a time, usually). So I backed it down to 320amps. Let's hope I don't regret that...

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