Saturday, May 2, 2009

Well hardware

My work buddy and I visited the well site yesterday during lunch. Boyd hadn't finished developing the well, but he did have pretty much all of the parts on hand needed to button the job up. In no particular order...

A pitless adapter made by Maas Midwest (spec sheet can be found here):

A cast-iron well cap assembly:

The well cap assembly pieces, flipped over, with the air vents indicated by little red arrows (they prevent a vacuum from forming when water is being pumped out):

The pump! This is a Franklin Electric "J-Class SandHandler" submersible pump, model #7JS1S4; it is rated at 1 horse-power, 7 gallons-per-minute, and weighs 28 pounds:

A "torque stop"; this is placed around the PVC supply pipe and is clamped in place so that the thick middle diameter section is just about touching the sides of the well casing:

A brass check valve from Flomatic:

There's also a bunch of 20' PVC pipe sections, with threaded ends, that will be connected together to form the output line from the pump, and to support the pump:

This should capture the majority of the critical hardware needed to finish the well job.

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