Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lab results on well water are good

Boyd sent the lab results tonight - yay, we got good water! Tests passed for arsenic, nitrate, bacteria (e.g., no e-coli), and inorganic compounds (manganese, iron, etc). pH rating was 7.87, perfectly fine (pure distilled water has a pH of 7.0). Hardness rating (well one way to rate it, anyway) was 117 mg CACO3/liter, or 117 ppm. The Wikipedia site on hard water has more info on this topic than I care to digest, but it does rate 117ppm as "Soft". Sounds good to me - I don't want to have to mess with a water softener.

Here's a picture of the well, waiting patiently for someone to hook it up for good:

In other news, the bank has received the finished appraisal. "Appraisal" always sounds weird in this context, but the appraiser literally comes up with an expected value for your house-to-be based on the plans, specs, site, etc. The bank may balk at lending you money to build a house which won't be worth the loan amount once finished. So there is some concern here as to what the results are, but I don't know the details yet - hopefully tomorrow.


  1. Hi Jay,
    This your old buddy John. You might want to check into gettin a UV water purifier. We added one to our well system. It adds a bit of piece of mind since you can never tell when some nasty bacteria will find its way into your system. Just a thought...

  2. John,

    Hey long time no see (or hear :)). Thanks for the advice, I will look into one of those.

    btw, I'm not sure if I have your current email address - drop me a line sometime.