Friday, July 10, 2009

First floor beams/joists started

Not much of it has been nailed down for good, but I can see the shape of things to come:

As I recall, the first floor spans are short enough that Paul can use dimensional lumber for the joists on this floor (saves some money). Second floor has some very long spans, so that floor will get the engineered I-beam trusses (eg, "TJI"s); they are very expensive but I remember being impressed with their engineering specs back when I was researching them.

The Warmboard subfloor material has been shipped from California and will (after arrival here in Washington) will be staged at the lumber yard until we're ready to install it. Paul mentioned that a framing inspection is required before you can install subflooring, hopefully that will be next week.

One more picture of the floor framing:

As I said, not much of it is nailed together yet, but I'm sure they'll get there soon.

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