Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Second floor warmboard just about done

The crew is having to deal with some very warm temps this week: mid 90's deg F, and tomorrow is supposed to reach 100, which might break a record. Thank goodness we don't have high humidity to deal with as well, but working on top of the Warmboard is bit tough on the guys. They've started coming in around 6ish to get work done before it gets too beastly.

The stairs have been completely rough-framed...

...so it's now possible to walk "upstairs". Most of the second floor Warmboard has been installed as well. The shade from the second floor sure helps keep it cooler underneath though!

Warmboard supplies these little jig tools to keep the tubing grooves well aligned during panel installation:

This is looking west, from over the living room; the small rectangular stubbed-out section of joists is the walk-in closet for a bedroom:

Here's the left-front of the house; note how perfectly plumb and square the window openings in my office are.....ah, ok I better stop beating this to death :)

Looking eastward:

We're also scheduled next week to get temporary power hooked up (the guys have been running their tools off a generator all this time). The temporary meter has been mounted...

...and a trench with three conduits has been run all the way out to the road:

The trench location is a slight alteration from the original site plan, being south of the driveway instead of north of it; Brad felt the south side was easier to excavate. I'm just happy since it means they didn't need to dig up the driveway :).

A small phone company (CenturyTel) is the carrier for this area. I knew from talking with the neighbors that DSL is available in this area, and wanted to ask about installation procedures. Paul did it the easy way though, and just laid in an extra conduit with string so they can pull whatever lines they want. If I was running the job I wouldn't have realized that that was an option.

After looking up our new address, the CenturyTel support person told me that fiber-optic service was available in this area. That's realllllllly hard to believe. So I asked her again, and she again said it was, based on other addresses near ours. Well, I'll believe it when I see it. We have fiber-optic at our current house and the move back down to DSL will be easily the toughest part of this move for me... (yeah I know - poor old suffering Jay).

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