Friday, July 17, 2009

First floor warmboard installed

The Warmboard is all done and we're now ready for the tubing to be installed on Monday:

I'm very happy with how the Warmboard install went. Everything looks perfectly lined up and the edges are all squared off nicely with the perimeter; the crew did good work. My wife and I had fun walking around on our new floor - it feels good!

Paul had already snapped chalk lines for all of the exterior and interior stud walls, so this was also our first chance to "walk through" the house. The layout is still a bit hard to visualize, but I'm pleased so far with how it felt. Time will tell.

Our weather has been very warm lately; Paul said the crew got a bit "baked" while working on this stuff, since the aluminum layer on top of the Warmboard gets heated by the sun and then radiates upwards. I heard somewhere it was even worse when Warmboard first started to be produced (10-15 years ago?): back then, the aluminum surface was left shiny and bare, so the installation crews had to deal with the glare as well as reflected heat. Good way to get a quick tan, I bet.

This is a picture of the side-entrance porch/door area:

You can see in the middle how some of tubing grooves don't make a U-turn like you would expect. For areas like this, the tubing installers will have to route out custom U-turn channels in the Warmboard. This is normal practice since it's very difficult to have a tubing design that can be realized with 100% stock panels (even though WB does have "left turn", "double U-turns", etc, like I mentioned before). Even a perfectly square house would probably custom grooves due to zoning requirements, etc. Our house should need very few custom tubing grooves, or so I would guess; this is one of the advantages of having a comparatively simple house design. I am hoping to make it out to the site on Monday to watch some of the tubing being installed.

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  1. hey jay, the deer out here haven't touched our garden at all. Also a 30.06 round is cheaper then fencing :) looks good