Friday, July 3, 2009

We have a yard now

The backfilling is essentially all done now:

It's getting easier and easier to visualize the yard we will have; I am happy with how it looks. Our "back yard" is much bigger than I had anticipated; guess all of that dirt had to go somewhere, right? My wife and I were both thrilled with how nice and level the yard area was; let's hope it doesn't settle too much (but if it does it doesn't take much work to fill in the low areas).

The under-slab insulation and radiant tubing is now in place, and the garage slab should be ready to pour on Monday or Tuesday:

Close up of the tubing...looks like we have four loops in the garage?

Another closeup of the tubing:

Clearly a heated garage floor is a luxury, but it's one I've been dreaming about for many years....looking forward to it. :-)

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  1. On the heated garage floor... It all depends on what the $$ is to heat it during the winter! Obviously this is mostly a winter thing as having a cool floor in summer is preferred.