Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keep on trussing

The trusses are stood up over the second story portion of the house, but not yet sheathed. We had some rain last week which was slowing things down I'm sure. Nevertheless we can now see the final exterior views starting to take shape. Here is the front of the house:


Here's the back porch view:

In the picture above, if you count the open spaces between the trusses, and start from the left, you will see that the ninth space is wider than the rest. This area was framed wider to accomodate the Bessler sliding attic stairway that I talked about in a previous post.

I spent some time this weekend assembling the support post for my weather station anenometer. I made it out of 1" galvanised plumbing pipe, with a U-turn at the top so that the sensor cable could be routed inside of the pipe with no leaks. When I had the rough assembly all done in the garage at home, we went out to the site so I could calibrate it with a compass (so that the anenometer will report accurate wind direction data). This is a picture of me with my anenometer:

The pipe is 10' long and I plan to have 5' below the roof for support, and the other 5' above the roof (4' above the roofline is the advised minimum to have accurate readings). I did not permanently mount it yet; will talk with Paul in the morning to see when the best time to do that is.

This is my garage attic space:

Paul is going to put together a bid\budget for what it would take to build a set of stairs (U-shaped with a small landing) for access to the garage storage space.

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