Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Roofing continues

I had once figured that as soon the second story was on, I'd be able to see more stuff than just trees around the house. It didn't work out that way. Then I figured that from the roof, I'd be able to see more stuff. Again, not really:

The picture above is looking eastwards....nice view of the trees though. Here's a nice view of how the house and the well 'driveway' are located respect to each other:

In addition to roofing, the heating guys are onsite routing all of the radiant tubing and installing the control manifolds. Here's a bunch of tucked-up tubing:

This is one of the control manifolds:

The manifolds have to be accessible for service, so most or all of them are located in closet-areas and will be covered with an access panel, instead of being drywalled-over.

An extra support beam has been added underneath the stairs:

These are the water storage tanks; the blue metal tank is a self-pressurized one for normal house-hold drinking water, and the plastic tank is simple storage for the fire sprinkler system:

While my quest for a roof-top mounted sprinkler system isn't looking so good, an interior sprinkler system is still required by local code. IIRC, this is because we do not have adequate road access for a fire truck to reach our house and then have enough room to turn around and leave. Oh yeah, the fact that there's no public fire hydrants nearby doesn't help either.

Finally, our fiber-cement siding has been delivered:

Dawn and I spent a bunch of time yesterday looking at plumbing specs and styles, before finally settling down on a list. Originally we had planned to go with Kohler everywhere, but switched to Moen in the bathrooms due to style issues. This may end up saving us some money too.

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