Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Roof is "loaded"

Paul mentioned today that the roof is "loaded" and that the roofers will be starting no later than Monday. Perhaps I wasn't thinking, so I asked if that meant that all of the shingles are loaded on a truck at the supplier? No, it means that the bundles of shingles have all been hoisted to strategic spots on the roof:

It could have been worse - I could have asked if "loaded" meant that our shingles had a lot of add-on features... :)

As mentioned before, we are going with a basic but high-quality shingle, in a basic black. I didn't know the exact type until today: "RoofShake 40" shingles from IKO brand, in their "Dual Black" color (the shingle tabs alternate in color between dark and light black). It will look fine, I'm not worried. They come with a 40 year warranty, which is fine.

The front porch is starting to take shape:

The plumbers have started working's some of the kitchen rough-in:

The pipe coming out of the floor is for an island sink drain (that might have been obvious, but hey). Also, the window above the kitchen sink looked a bit low, and I sent an email to Paul asking if we needed to raise that a bit.

Well, enough blogging for now: I need to go confirm some shower valve choices (these need to installed during rough-in...).

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