Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Roof taking shape

Roof sheathing is moving along rapidly, over the garage and one-story portions of the house. The second story trusses have not yet been stood up. Here's some of the kitchen area sheathed over, and they even have some of the pre-primed fascia installed:

End view of the garage - check out my attic truss space :):

Back view of the garage; the small strip of plywood along the bottom is for appearance's sake, so that the open soffits look nice (nicer than OSB would, anyway) from below:

Good view of how the trusses, fascia, and bird-blocks get installed (this is over the kitchen area):

One of the reasons we drove out to the house this afternoon, was to do some on-site paint color checking. Paul was asking us to choose exterior paint colors soon, so that he can move into that phase quickly. When it comes to color-matching and choosing, I am pretty much helpless (artsy stuff was never my forte - can't even match socks to save my life), and to a large extent I just don't care (I'm more concerned with the structural aspects of the house). That said, my personal criteria for house colors was something that would be semi-traditional for this style of house, and something that would NOT blend into the surrounding woods. We're building a nice house - I want it to stand out when we drive up to it! White is very traditional for colonial style houses, but not our favorite. So anyway, we got a bunch of possible paint samples from a store and took them out to look:

My initial preference has always been to go with a dark red as the base siding color. After much discussion, my wife is being very kind and is going to let me go with it. Of the samples above, check out the left hand set, bottom sample, right-hand color. The color to the left of it is a nice dark gray\slate, and that will be our accent color. (We're not using the fire-engine red color to the far left, that was too much). A very light gray will be used if we need a third accent color. If you think we're making a huge mistake, don't bother to tell us - paint choices are always subjective, and if we don't like it after a few years, we can always re-paint it! :-)

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