Sunday, November 8, 2009

Appliance choices

I just sent Paul the final-final list for appliance choices, and wanted to capture it here. (I use the term "final-final" since I once sent him a "final" plumbing fixture list that turned out to need revisions - hence the new term, "final-final".)

As I mentioned a long time ago, my wife and I have long been fans of KitchenAid appliances, and we are pretty much sticking with that brand. This is one area where we definitely saved some money in the budget. For example, our freestanding refrigerator will likely cost around $1800 - which is way, WAY cheaper than say, a $10k SubZero model. I don't mean to pick on SubZero specifically, but I'm really doubtful that we will be able to discern a difference between cold SubZero food and cold KitchenAid food. Also, I think the free-standing models are far cheaper and easier to repair or replace: if it ever dies, just slide out the old one and slide in the new one.

Now that I've got that bit of refrigerator philosophy off my chest, here's the choices we made:

36" induction cooktop model# KICU568SBL (in black - wasn't available in white)
(the induction part is what makes this so cool....I hope we don't have to replace too many of our pots and pans though....)

36" under-cabinet range hood: model #KHTU160KWH (in white)
(nothing special, just your basic range hood)

30" Double convection oven: model #KEBS208SWH (in white)
(double ovens....imagine how fast my wife will be able to bake for me with these babies! :))

Refrigerator model #KFIS25XVWH (in white)
(this fridge is a fairly new style, with the freezer on the bottom - drawer style - and the upper refrigerator portion accessed by french-style doors. I hope we like it....)

Garbage disposer: model #KCDS075T
(nothing too interesting, just a good 3/4 HP model...though I'm not sure if we're even supposed to use one of these since we're on a septic system)

Dishwasher: model# KUDS40CVWH (in white)
(An interesting choice to be made these days, is whether you want a food grinder in your dishwasher. Traditional models have always had them, but apparently the key selling point in dishwashers is decibel levels - so manufacturers advertise "super quiet" models w/o the grinder. Usually this means the food debris gets collected in a filter which then requires semi-regular cleaning. We got a grinder model.)

Freezer: Frigidaire model# GLFH21F8HW (in white)
(KitchenAid doesn't make a freezer, so we let the salesman help pick this out)

We will be bringing our current (Maytag) washer and dryer with us for the downstairs laundry room. For the upstairs laundry room, we'll probably pick up some basic Sears models after we move in. My wife made a good comment about not wanting to get expensive models for teenage boys doing laundry for the first time... :).

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  1. Hi Jay, we picked up the Samsung induction range. Just installed it today but have not used it yet. We picked up a new set of pans (very magnetic!). Should be really nice.

    Our hardwood floor received 2 coats last week and the final coat will occur first week in December.

    Our new kitchen cabinets are beautiful with similar crown molding (really looks sharp). Cabinets are just too expensive though!