Friday, November 27, 2009

Granite slabs installed

On Thanksgiving Day, the granite crew came out (I guess they don't celebrate turkey-day) and installed our granite slabs. We were out at the house when they showed up; at first I thought someone had called 911 to report an accident:

This is a good sign though, because it means the contractor\company is serious about keeping costs down. I'm pretty sure that a second-hand ambulance is cheaper than a brand new truck.

Here's our slabs in the back of the truck:

I don't think I'd want to work with granite myself - the stuff is obviously very heavy, and you'd have to be very careful to not let yourself get old before your time. These guys do seem to have a lot of tricks to make things easier though:

The granite crew is not yet entirely done, since the majority of our sinks and faucets are not here yet. I'll share some pictures of how things look at the moment though. This is the master bathroom vanity:

Kitchen counter:

The kitchen island with the "desk" in the background:

Upstairs shared bathroom:

Downstairs "powder" bathroom (I'm really not keen on that "powder" terminology):

We are pleased with how everything has turned out.

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