Monday, November 9, 2009

Hardwood flooring started

Not sure when the hardwood guys started, but when I got there they were working their way through an upstairs bedroom:

The flooring looks nice! And it feels great to walk on something other than warmboard for a change. We've decided to not stain the floors any darker, ie we're leaving them natural. This will save some money, and also hopefully lighten up some of the darker areas of the house.

The low-voltage guys were also out doing some work; this is what our intercom systems look like:
Looks like most of the phone\data\cable plates have been trimmed out too.

This is Dan, working on our master bathroom shower floor:

The layer of thinset\sand from before was covered with a rubber membrane, which was then covered with more thinset\sand - and I'm not quite sure what comes next! :) There's some chicken wire in there for reinforcement as well. Dan seems to be doing a very meticulous job, which I like (don't need any leaks popping up!).

The auxiliary boiler for our radiant heating system has been installed in the garage:

It looks to be an exciting week...

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