Friday, November 27, 2009

Various things

Here's a summary of the latest progress this past week (in addition to the granite slab installation, that is - see previous post).

The hose-nick that occured in the smaller downstairs office (as mentioned in some comments to the previous post) has been repaired:

I wish things like this wouldn't happen, but the repair job looks pretty durable to me. The hardwood guys have replaced the hardwood planks and given the office floor its two coats of sealer.

The garage attic access stairs are done:

The puddle in the foreground is actually on the exact spot I had intended to relocate my boat building tent to - clearly I will need a better base than that! I plan to buy a few dump-truck loads of rock and gravel to firm things up.

Covering the stairs with hardwood in in progress:

The stairs will be sanded and finished exactly the same as the hardwood floors were. And obviously, hand-rails and newel posts will be added as well.

Lots of progress is being made on tile, both in laying tile and in grouting the earlier areas. This is the floor of the upstairs guest bathroom:

I've come to realize that the master bathroom, especially the shower, comprises a huge amount of tile work. Dan is making good progress on things though:

The kitchen area is the largest tile area to be done, but steady progress is being made:

The kitchen is the only place we are doing that simple "offset" pattern, but I'm glad we did it there - it breaks things up a bit.

Interior doors have started getting installed:

Some minor issues have arisen: the Kitchen-Aid range hood we selected is nowhere in stock, and will require a 30+ day lead time to order it from the factory. I'm in the process of selecting an alternative brand so we don't have to wait on that. Also, it appears that nobody was aware that we wanted double-doors for the upstairs game room. Lots of little details to keep track of as we get closer to the finish line.

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  1. jay, that toilet must be for your son and vistors. take care bill