Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tile and grout choices

This will probably bore everyone to tears, but I wanted to capture our exact tile and grout color choices here on the blog. Most folks won't care, but this way I have a nice permanent record in case I ever need to get additional material.

Kitchen\laundry room\breakfast nook:
- Tile: SurfaceArt "Venetian Classics - Cathedral Stone - Pierre"
- Grout: #135 "Mushroom"

Kitchen backsplash:
- Tile: DalTile "Matte Urban Putty" (code 0761)
- Grout color: #382 "Bone"

Downstairs powder bathroom:
- Tile: SurfaceArt "Venetian Concepts - Capri - Sand"
- Grout color: #122 "Linen"

Master bathroom floor\wall:
- Tile: SurfaceArt "Venetian Select - Portofino Coast - Gray"
- Grout color: #301 "Artic Ice"

Master bathroom shower surround:
- Tile: DalTile "Matte Desert Gray" (code x714)
- Grout color: #301 "Artic Ice"

- Tile: SurfaceArt "Rustic Slate Beige"
- Grout color: #180 "Sandstone"

Upstairs laundry room and shared bathroom:
- Tile: SurfaceArt "Venetica Classics - Tuscany - Crema"
- Grout color: #101 "Quartz"

Upstairs private guest bathroom:
- Tile: SurfaceArt "Venetian Select - Portofino Coase - Ivory"
- Grout color: #386 "Oyster Grey"

Obviously we really liked the "SurfaceArt" brand (although we did feel a bit weird, picking out tiles that have such a strong Italian theme for our Colonial-style house); you can find a link to their site in the side bar. For the grout colors we simply chose the kind carried by DalTile, which turns out to be produced by Custom Building Products. I asked Paul to only use epoxy-based grout; it's more expensive, but doesn't require sealing and should stay nicer over the long term.

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