Friday, October 16, 2009

Drywall taping started

We stopped by the house yesterday to see how things are going. The drywall guys have started taping and mudding. Nothing too interesting to see here if you've ever seen drywall done before. This is from the kitchen looking toward the garage:

Those stilt things look cool, I want a pair for Christmas. :)

Kitchen, looking toward dining room (on left) and living room (on right):

I like how they put brown paper down and tape it together, to protect the floor.

At the top of the stairs, looking down:

The heating guys came out and looked at the heating system, and said it was doing fine (90+ deg F water output from the chiller). They said reasons for the poor performance so-far were lack of under-floor insulation in the crawl space, and the fact that the garage floor loops had been turned on; since there was no garage doors installed yet, that was just a losing battle. They turned off the garage floor and the house did feel a little bit warmer last time we were out there.

Last but not least, exterior painting is continuing and is just about complete except for trim details. I was going to wait on the frontal shots until all the trim was done, but this is just looking too good:

We'll visit the site again on Sunday morning to see how far they got today.

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