Friday, October 23, 2009

Interior priming\painting begins

The texture was sprayed yesterday apparently, and now the crew is working on priming out the interior of the house. Lots of stuff to mask off and cover, especially in the garage:

Here they're priming the dining room:

Rebecca is holding the spray wand in the picture above; she is the owner of the company that is building our house. I've also mentioned Paul several times before; he is the chief job site manager. Here's Rebecca after several hours of spraying primer:

They mentioned they had already gone through 20 gallons of primer, and still had 1/4 of the downstairs plus the garage left, so Paul had just arrived with an additional 10 gallons.

It's still raining today unfortunately, so not much more progress has been made on the final trim details on the outside of the house:

This is the ceiling of the rear porch area, done in clear pine:

It looks really nice; the plan is to finish it in a clear semi-gloss stain.

The propane tank has been partially covered up and will sit like this until it has passed inspection:

See the white drain pipe in the foreground? Brad laid some "footing drains" around the propane tank, to allow excess water to drain away. I'm very glad about this, given the puddling I'm seeing.

The crew will be working through the weekend to get the house interior fully painted. Our garage doors are scheduled for installation on Monday, and the millwork and oak flooring will also be delivered on Monday - busy times as usual! I'm looking forward to seeing how some of our custom color choices look in real life.

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