Friday, October 23, 2009

Interior paint choices

Given the amount of time we spent at the paint store staring at samples, I wanted to have a separate post to capture our choices. Or maybe I'm making a bet with myself to see if we either love or hate these a year from now... :-)

Our basic color choice throughout the house is Benjamin Moore "Linen White" - it's a nice, safe color that's hard to make a mistake on. In four specific rooms though, we have also decided to add crown molding (at the ceiling\wall line) and a chair rub rail. In those four rooms is where we are going with custom color choices, to try to jazz things up a bit. We're going with a three-part scheme in each: below the chair rub rail, above the chair rub rail, and on the ceiling. Well the ceilings are mostly staying linen white just to keep costs down...

Anyway, here are the choices with their Benjamin Moore paint codes:

My office (a brown theme):
Below chair rail: AF-180 “Wenge”
Above chair rail: 1039 “Stonehouse”

Dining room (a blue theme - blue has been a favorite color of ours for years):
Below chair rail: HC-154 “Hale Navy”
Above chair rail: also HC-154, but mixed at 50%

My wife's office (a beige-ish theme):
Below chair rail: HC-47 “Brookline Beige”
Above chair rail: HC-48 “Bradstreet Beige”

And finally, in the upstairs game room (a green theme):
Below chair rail: AF480 “Boreal Forest”
Above chair rail: AF460 “Jojoba”
Ceiling: AF435 “Spa”

All of these will be in an "eggshell" sheen.

I have mentioned previously that we are not very good at selecting colors. That hasn't changed - we still suck at it. Fortunately the nice folks at the Benjamin Moore store are more than happy to help the clueless, so they get the credit for providing us with lots of ideas to choose from. :)

Almost forgot: the garage is being done in an entirely separate color: "Thundercloud Gray", paint code 2124-40, also in eggshell. If you look thru previous posts, you can see that the mechanical corner was pre-painted in this color before stuff started getting installed.

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