Monday, October 26, 2009

Garage doors installed

Here's what our new garage doors look like:

As mentioned previously, these are good quality, 2 1/2" thick insulated steel doors from Northwest Door. They look good as-is, but will look even better once the trim paint around them has been done.

The protective wrappings were taken off the rear porch door; it looks great:

The exterior doors will be "stained" to match the interior molding trim, and the exterior casings will be painted in white to match the rest of the exterior.The four rooms we did in custom paint colors were also finished up. I think it is fair to say that although we like the colors we chose, there was initially a "ohmigod" moment upon first seeing them. For instance, my wife started calling the game room, the "GI Joe" room:

She just doesn't understand that in order to bring out the true undertones of the green colors, we need some neon beer signs and some Budweiser girl posters...(just kidding, honey!). Seriously, I think it looks ok now...but it will look even better once the crown molding and chair rail are in place to really delineate the boundaries of each color.

Trim molding and hardwood flooring materials should be delivered tomorrow. Talking to Paul this morning, he told me that the hardwood flooring supplier upgraded our package to "Select" grade (from No. 1 Common) for free, since we had such a large order - cool! The flooring materials will sit in the house for at least two weeks to acclimate (temperature and moisture-wise) before getting installed.

With the interior of the house painted, the crew should be moving on to starting on tile flooring, along with trim installation where possible.

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