Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trim and finish stuff starting

A busy week at work means I haven't been able to get out to the house much. Large piles of oak flooring, tile, and trim have been delivered, the garage attic stairs have been started, some of the tile flooring prep has begun, and we even have one window that's been trimmed out.

This is the living room with some materials:

In the above picture, we have (clockwise from left): oak trim for the stairs, oak strips for the flooring, and window\door trim pieces. Oak flooring has been stacked in every room in the house, for example:

On the left you can (kinda) see our blue-on-blue dining room. :-)

Kitchen\breakfast\laundry areas with backerboard (tile underlayment) cut and dryfitted in place; the red lines are obviously tracings to show where the underlying radiant heat tubes are located, to avoid accidents when they get screwed down later:

Window trim starting in the breakfast nook area:

All of the interior doors and the majority of the trim pieces have been staged in the garage:

The garage attic access stairs have been started:

You might think that that's too many stringers, but apparently it's due to the fact that we're using Trex for the decking and stair treads, and Trex has a smaller unsupported span distance than normal 2x4's.

Something not quite house-related: I'm loath to admit it, but my beloved BMW 3-series was never going to fare very well out here in the woods on all of these rough gravel roads - I really need something with 4x4 capabilities. I've been scanning the craiglist advertisements, and today we picked up a 2000 Ford Explorer:

It's a good running vehicle and according to the Carfax report, has spent most of its time in California and New Mexico. Which is good, means less chance for hidden rust eating away at things :). Obviously we drove it out to the house today and it did just fine.

The propane tank hole has continued to be problematic with respect to water. We had a lot of rain this past week and while I wasn't there to see it, apparently the "footing" drain tubes that Brad installed around the base of the tank were putting out a pretty good flow. This has lead to the creation of Lake Runoff (I was told this is half of what it once was):

It would not be a good idea to leave things like this (too much standing water, too close to the house), so Brad is looking into extending the drain off to the far (southwest) corner of the house clearing.

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